Location & Service Times

13249 S Redwood Road
Riverton, UT  84065

Sunday Service with Holy Communion – Sunday 9:00 AM
Bible Study/Sunday School to follow at 10:15 AM


Holy Trinity Lutheran Church and School’s legacy is
full with joy, inspiring fishers of men.

Strategies to Support Vision
Actively engage our family in church and school activities
Expand Bible classes
Expand Christian education
Expand childcare
Provide community service
Provide fellowship events
Provide outreach opportunities


Your Family, Our Family, His Family

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church and School exists
to honor and glorify the Triune God by
preaching the Gospel of Christ and the
administration of the sacraments.

We serve our neighbors. We cultivate Christian
fellowship and love. We extend a helping hand to those
in need.

Goals for 2019 – 2020

  1. Continue to reinvigorate Sunday School & Youth Programs
    • Expand Catechism teaching in Sunday School by memorization, Bible verses, and chief parts, and end every Sunday School lesson with The Lord’s Prayer.
    • A minimum of quarterly events for youth.
  2. Additional volunteerism – An active part of the Stewardship program
    • improve voluntary participation
    • measure and report current participation with goal to increase volunteer hours
    • set a specific participation goal for 2020-2021
  3. Continue Supporting External Ministries
    • South Valley Services
    • Pregnancy Resource Center
    • Operation Christmas Child
    • Utah Food Bank
  4. Have a proposal for a 1-5-year plan prepared for annual meeting in June 2020.

4 Specials Ways to support Holy Trinity Lutheran Church and School

2019-2020 School Year Theme

And I will give them one heart,
and a new spirit I will put within them.
– Ezekiel 11:19

Contact Information

Pastor Borcher – pastor@holytrinityut.org
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church – 801-651-2300
Concordia Learning Center – Ms. Sue – 801-580-9318
School Principal, Church Office Manager, Elementary Teacher – Deanna Smith –
801-403-8255 admin@holytrinityut.org